I Ka Pono Mea
right place ~ right time ~ right being

Holger Bunkus



I would like to offer you one-to-one healing sessions combining divine universal / multiversal energies with powerful tools such as Lemurian seed crystals, singing bowls and more.

Each session is similarly possible as a direct session and as a distance healing session (except The Reconnection).

Each session is unique, depending on what your soul wants; I listen to her and let it go...

Furthermore I am very pleased to share with you my highly vibrating pictures in the Photo Gallery: from Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, holy places, crystals, singing bowls... Enjoy the trans-forming and healing energies the pictures are transmitting.


The joy and certainty that I feel as my true path of life reveals itself more and more clearly almost make me forget how I was lead step by step to this next higher level of learning and experiencing at the „universal“ university of life.                                        

My name is Holger Bunkus, age group 1957, and in 1991 I have begun to practice the Japanese healing method Reiki and to teach it some years later. In parallel, I got to know other healing methods such as Pranic Healing according to Choa Kok Sui, completed successfully my education as an alternative practitioner and came to know another spiritual teacher, Attilio Ferrara, in December, 1999. He conveyed me wonderful high vibrating energies and techniques which at his desire I was allowed to convey to other people as from 2005, what I did until spring 2008.

During my residence in Tucson, Arizona (within the scope of the annual there
occuring mineral fair) in January and February, 2008 I saw Meryl Beck, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner living in Tucson, and indulged in my first „Reconnective Healing“ session to become acquainted with these new frequencies. This experience persuaded me definitely and I let Meryl reconnect me at the two required sessions (The Reconnection). Just back in Hamburg I signed in to the seminars of Eric Pearl which took place in Hamburg in June, 2008…

After more than four years successful work with Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection I lived since winter 2012 on Canarian Islands, in Southern France and finally in summer 2013 on Big Island, Hawai'i.

All these experiences connected me so strong to mother earth, hers oceans and to the highest levels of universal energies we can reach now as humans.

I would be very pleased to share all my experiences with you :)

with Love and Light, Aloha

Holger Bunkus







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